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原标题:真题 | 高考英语真题专练:情态动词和虚拟语气(含答案和解析)

24.It’s strange that he _______have taken the books without the owner’s permission.

A. would B. should C. could D. might


27. There is a good social life in the village, and I wish I _______ a second chance to become more involved.

A. had B. will have C. would have had D. have had


10. I can't find my purse. I___________ it in the supermarket yesterday, but I'm not sure.

A. should leave B. must have left

C. might leave D. could have left


12. In today’s information age, the loss of data _________ cause serious problems for a company.

A. need B. should C. can D. must


13. They might have found a better hotel if they _________ a few more kilometers.

A. drove B. would drive C. were to drive D. had driven

【解析】考查虚拟语气。句意:如果他们多开几公里的话,他们也许会找到一个更好的旅馆。由“they might have found a better hotel”可知,该句是表示对过去的虚拟。if ____ a few more kilometers是条件句部分,表示对过去的虚拟,条件句部分要用过去完成时态,故D选项正确。

15. If we ___________the flight yesterday, we would be enjoying our holiday on the beach

A. had caught B. caught C. have caught D. would catch

【解析】考查虚拟语气。句意:如果我们昨天赶上飞机的话,现在我们正在海滩享受我们的假日了。根据时间状语yesterday可知,从句表示与过去事实相反,故用had + v-ed。故选A。

21. Samuel, the tallest boy in our class, ______ easily reach the books on the top shelf.

A. must B. should C. can D. need


34. If the new safety system _______ to use, the accident would never have happened.

A. had been put B. were put C. should be put D. would be put


2. My room is a mess, but I __________clean it before I go out tonight. I can do it in the morning.

A.daren’tB. shouldn’tC. needn’tD. mustn’t


15. —Do you have Betty’s phone number?

—Yes. Otherwise, I ______able to reach her yesterday.

A. hadn’t been B. wouldn’t have been

C. weren’t D. wouldn’t be


31. I love the weekend, because I ________ get up early on Saturdays and Sundays.

A. needn’t B. mustn’t C. wouldn’t D. shouldn’t

试题分析:题目考查情态动词。句意:我喜欢周末,因为周六和周日我不需要早起。A. needn’t不需要;B. mustn’t禁止;C. wouldn’t不愿;D. shouldn’t不应该。根据句意可知,周六、周日不用早起,故选A。

34. Why didn’t you tell me about your trouble last week? If you ________ me, I could have helped.

A. told B. had told C. were to tell D. would tell


27.If itfor his invitation the other day, I should not be here now.

A.had not beenB.should not be

C. were not to be D. should not have been


5. It was really annoying; I _____ get access to the data bank you had recommended.

A. wouldn’t B. couldn’t C. shouldn’t D. needn’t


15. I was wearing a seatbelt. If I hadn’t been wearing one, I ____.

A. were injured B. would be injured

C. had been injured D. would have been injured

试题分析:句意:我当时系着安全带。如果我没有系安全带,我就会受伤了。使用虚拟语气,根据if条件句用的had done,可知,主句用would have done表示对过去情况的虚拟,而且I和injure是被动关系。故选D。

17. George _________ too far . His coffee is still warm .

A. must have gone B. might have gone

C. can't have gone D. needn't have gone

试题分析:乔治不可能走得太远了。他的咖啡仍然是温的。can’t have done是对过去的否定推测;must have done过去一定做了某事;might have done过去可能做了某事;needn’t have done过去本不必做某事。故选C。

34. If I _____it with my own eyes ,I wouldn’t have believed it.

A . didn’t see B. weren’t seeing

C. wouldn’t see D. hadn’t seen

试题分析:句意:如果不是我亲眼看到,我不会相信。根据后半句wouldn’t have believed可以判断是对过去的虚拟。所以从句是if+主语+ had+done的形式。故选D。

12. You ____ be Carol. You haven’t changed a bit after all these years.

A. mustB. can C. will D. shall


4. It was so noisy that wehear ourselves speak.

A. couldn’t B. shouldn’t C. mustn’t D needn’t

试题分析:句意:太吵了,以致我们不能够听到我们在说什么?A的意思是不能,B的意思是不应该,C的意思是禁止,D的意思是不需要。该题用到了一个so +形容词+ that的句式,做题时应该正确理解句意及这个句式的用法。正确理解这是表达不能还是表达其他的东西。must只能用于肯定句,用于否定句表示禁止,这一点尤其要注意因为往往会出错。如果表示一种可能往往是can 的形式(过去时态使用could)

7. I ______ have worried before I came to the new school, for my classmates here are very friendly to me.

A. mightn’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. couldn’t

试题分析:句意:我来新学校之前本没有必要担心,因为在这里我的同学对我非常友好。needn’t have done本没有必要做某事,表示实际上已经做了某事。根据句意可知选C。

2.You _____be careful with the camera. It costs!

A .must B. may C. can D. will

试题分析:考查情态动词。根据下文的it costs可知,照相机很昂贵,故选择A,意为:你一定要非常小心对待照相机,它很昂贵。

23. Ellen is a fantastic dancer. I wish I as well as her.

A. dance B. will dance C. had danced D. danced

试题分析:句意:Ellen是一个很棒的舞蹈演员。但愿我能和她跳得一样好。I wish“但愿”后面接宾语从句用虚拟语气,和现在相反用一般过去时,所以选C。

28. It might have saved me some trouble ______ the schedule.

A. did I know B. have I known C. do I know D. had I known

试题分析:句意:如果我早知道日程安排,可能会省去我一些麻烦。根据题干中might have saved可知主句是对过去的虚拟,从句应用if I had known与主句保持一致。if虚拟条件句中含有had时,可将if省去,同时将had提前构成倒装结构。故选D项。虚拟语气重要做题原则:根据题干中主句或从句中动词形式判断所考查的动词的虚拟时间, 一般要保持一致,但要注意错综时间虚拟语气要根据各自所表示的虚拟时间做出调整。另外,当 if 条件句中含有助动词 had,should 或 were 时, 可以省略 if,而将 had, should 或 were提到句首,从而构成倒装虚拟条件句。

30.Although you ______ find bargains in London, its not generally a cheap place to shop.

A. shouldB. needC. must D. can


3. I’ve ordered some pizza, so we _______ worry about cooking when we get home tired.

A. can’t B. dare not C. needn’t D. may not

试题分析:因为买了比萨饼,无需担心回家后疲劳还要做饭。故选择C项。needn’t意为“无必要”。can’t表示“无能力”;dare not表示“无勇气”;may not表示“推断”。

13. It was John who broke the window. Why are you talking to me as if I _______ it?

A. had done B. have done C. did D. am doing

试题分析:题意:John打坏了窗户,为什么跟“我”谈话?好像是“我”打坏了窗户似的。题中broke表明“打坏窗户”发生在“过去”。as if / though后面的从句用had done表示对“过去”的虚拟。故A项正确。

_______ I have a word with you? It won’t take long. A. Can B. Must C. Shall D. Should



30. Life is unpredictable; even the poorest __become the richest.

A. shall B. must C. need D. might

试题分析:根据句子意思,后句讲的是一种可能性。Need 需要;must 一定;shall 表较大的可能性,如:With an early start he should be here by noon. 动身得早,他中午就该到这里了。shall表示推断时,语气较肯定,通常是指非常可能的事(因为暗示有一定的事实依据或合乎常理),而may, might, could等表示推测时,则语气较不肯定,尤其是might, could。因此D选项正确。句意为“ 人生是不可预测的;甚至最穷的也可能变得最有钱。”

32. no modern telecommunications, we would have to wait for weeks to get news from around the world.

A. Were there B. Had there been

C .If there are D. If there have been

试题分析:对现在情况的虚拟,条件句中用一般过去时,主句用“ would/ should/ might/ could +动词原形。虚拟条件句中有had, should, were时,可以将if去掉,然后把had, should, were提到主语前面。所以选A。句意:如果没有现代的通信,我们将会等上几周的时间才能得到来自世界的新闻。

25. My book, The House of Hales , is missing. Who ________ have taken it?

A. need B. must C. should D. could


If Mr. Dewey _____ present, he would have offered any possible assistance to

the people there.

A. were B. had been C. should be D. was

试题分析:考查虚拟语气用法。本题考查的是if条件从句与过去事实相反的虚拟语气,故从句用had + v-ed,主句用would / could/ should / might + v-ed。句意:如果Dewey先生在场的话,他会提供那里人们的任何可能的帮助。故B正确。
















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